Body Butter (Pre Order)


Pre Order ONLY! PLEASE BE AWARE, Order will NOT ship out within the week! But will be among the first send out after availability.

Our ultra moisturizing and hydrating body butter is made with ALL natural ingredients (no fillers). Our product is made by hand using the finest oils produced by nature. There are no synthetic oils or fragrances used in our product which makes it both, perfect for those with sensitive skin and different from MOST products on the market. This product helps improve the over all appearance of your skin. The fragrance is a mixture of essential oils which are known for their powerful properties. This price will not last long as the product is of very high quality. For normal to very dry skin. For best results, use after a relaxing shower or bath! 8oz


  • Calming (scented)
  • Unscented (NATURAL Coco)
  • Relief (for problematic skin) Sold Out